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Conveying the purpose-driven Reesman Company and their rich legacy and impactful presence through captivating video production, meticulously crafted to unveil their profound story. Our collaboration delved deep into the essence of this third-generation team of skilled craftsmen, whose work touches every aspect of our lives, from roads and subdivisions to schools and backyard patios. We embarked on a journey to define their purpose, to uncover the driving force behind their dedication and commitment. Through evocative storytelling, we painted a vivid picture of their legacy and the profound impact they have on communities. Their pride in their craft, dedication to their customers, and support for their team members shine through every frame, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence. Central to our approach was defining their purpose and unveiling the underlying “why” that drives their dedication and commitment. From scriptwriting to art direction, every element was carefully orchestrated to capture the heart and soul of The Reesman Company’s narrative, ensuring their story resonates long after the video ends.


Scriptwriting, Content Development, Video, Art Direction, Animation


Creative, Photo/Video

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